Three Dithyrambs, Op 10

Date: 1898, 1904-5, 1906
For: Piano
Published by: Jurgenson 1906
Availability: Forberg (1906/c.1990) in 2 volumes; International Music Co. (no.3, in Album of Selected Pieces)


Sama 1999 CD Lindberg PIANO002
Milne 2011 CD Hyperion CDA67851/2

no. 1
Bigger 2003 CD Brioso BR143

no. 2
Milne 1977 LP CRD1038/9 CD Brilliant Classics 9195 7cds, 8851 7cds, CRD (vol.1) CRD3338
Adzhemov 1978 LP Melodiya M10-40291/2 download Melodiya MELCO0398
Demidenko 1992 CD Helios CDH55315, Hyperion CDA66636 - nla
Tozer 1995 CD Chandos (vol.4) CHAN9153

no. 3
Tozer 2000 CD Chandos (vol.7) CHAN9899

There are no differences between the 1906 and 1959 editions of no.1, and very few in no.3.

The 1959 Collected Edition of no.2 contains many additional markings, mostly dynamics. The 1925 Soviet edition is identical to the 1906 edition. Both the 1906 and 1959 editions are included in the bundle from