Three Nocturnes [for Violin and Piano], Op 16

Date: 1907-8
For: Violin and piano
Published by: Édition Russe de Musique, 1910*
Availability: Boosey & Hawkes (1910); Moscow: Muzyka (1959/2015)
* The first of Medtner's works to be published by ERM, and the first plate numbers of that edition; date from Barrie Martyn's biography. The outer wrapper of this and other early ERM prints have "I Bilibin 1909" at the bottom but this is probably unrelated to the publication date.


Parikian/Milne 1987 CD CRD34934
Shirinsky/Galynin 1992 CD MK417109 - nla
Tsinman/Yampolsky 1996 CD Triton DICC-26055, Triton 17009 - nla download Exton 4538182815991
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† From a discography formerly at which listed it as an LP. However it does not appear in Melodiya: a Soviet Russian L.P. discography and the catalogue number is in the right range for a '78' recorded in 1947.

‡ also spelt Feighin, Feygin, Feyghin