Three Poems of Nietzsche, Op 19

Date: 1909
For: Voice and piano
Published by: Édition Russe de Musique 1910*
Availability: Recital Publications (1910/1994)
* My copy has 1910 printed on the title page of nos. 1 & 3 and 1911 on no. 2, but these are more likely to be the date of the print run.


Plishka bass/Hrynkiw 1996 CD Dinemec DCCD016
Schöne bar/Eggert 2016 CD bremen radiohall brhCD1603

no. 2
Del Grande bar/Mishakov LP Ecudo 4016

These songs were not included in the 1959 Collected Edition, but were added in volume 3 of the 1980 Moscow " Muzyka" reissue of the songs.