Four Fairy Tales, Op 35

Date: 1916-7
For: Piano
Published by: State Publishing House 1919
Availability: Dover (1959/2001)


Milne 2006 CD Hyperion CDA67491/2
Sama 2018 cd 2L-156-SACD

no. 1
Nikonovich 1976/8 LP Melodiya C10-15859/60

no. 4
Milne 1977 LP CRD1038/9 CD Brilliant Classics 9195 7cds, 8851 7cds, CRD (vol.1) CRD3338
Bekhterev 2004 CD Camerata CMCD28074
Berezovsky 2006/Essen* DVD Euroarts EUA2055758
Eckardstein 2007 CD MDG 604 1465-2
Berezovsky 2007 CD Mirare MIR059, MIR290

There are no significant differences between the 1919 and 1959 editions. The 1919 version of no.4 lacks the quotation from King Lear and the two footnotes.