Five Poems by Tyutchev and Fet, Op 37

Date: 1918-9
For: Voice (high/medium) and piano
Published by: State Publishing House 1920, Zimmermann 1923
Availability: Zimmermann (1923/1994)
#4 only: Kompozitor (St Petersburg) in Forgotten Pages of Russian Romance (2004)


Chernykh sop/Orfenova 1990 CD Melodiya SUCD 10-00566 - nla download #1,2 Melodiya MELCO0398
Fomina sop/Karpeyev 2018 CD Chandos CHAN20171
Levental mez/Peters 2020 CD Brilliant Classics 96061

no. 1
Dolukhanova mez/Kozel c.1955 LP Melodiya D 3238/9, C10-04831, Monitor MC2029CD Vista Vera VVCD-00175, Russian Disc RDCD11342‡ - nla
Del Grande bar/Pleshakov 1971 LP Orion ORS7157 download Orion LAN0452
Andrew sop/Tozer 1993 CD Chandos CHAN9327
Durseneva mez/Orfenova 2014 CD Melodiya MELCD 10-02318
Gringytė mez/Burnside 2016-17 CD Delphian DCD34177

nos. 1, 3
L Simonova mez/Strzhizhivskaya c.1974 LP Melodiya C10-04997/8 export 1 export 2

nos. 1, 4
Ivanilova sop/Berezovsky 2007 CD Mirare MIR059, MIR290

nos. 2, 4
Sirotinina sop/V Shraibman c.1974 LP Melodiya C10-05543/4**
Siurina sop/Burnside 2016-17 CD Delphian DCD34177

no. 3
Dolukhanova mez/Erokhin 1958/Leningrad* CD JMR CD003 (Russia)
Fedoseyev bar/Zubravskaya 1978 LP Melodiya C10-11305/6 export download Melodiya MELCO0398
Savenko bbar/Yampolsky 1995 CD Triton DICC-26049 - nla download Exton 453818281763

no. 4
Lavrova sop/Lebedev 1950s CD IMLab 058
Pluzhnikov ten/Shafran 1985 LP Melodiya C10-23791/2
Ivanilova sop/Derzhavina 2006/Moscow* CD Vista Vera VVCD-00209

no. 5
N Rozhdestvenskaya sop/?Bernar 1947-53 LP Melodiya D 19565/6

† Accompanist given as Alexander Erokhin. This track on the Monitor LP is not listed in the BIRS discography. Monitor Records was not the most reliable of labels, however I do not have the LP so cannot rule out the possibility that it is a different recording, presumably a live performance.

‡ Incorrectly given as 1966-8 with Svetlanova. The Vista Vera CD gives Kozel and a recording date of 1956. See notes to Op 36.

** Composer of no.2 Tears incorrectly given as Taneyev. Unsurprisingly, this track is not listed in the BIRS discography.

Transcription of Op 37 no 1 for piano solo
by Boris Shatskes (19311985), published 1988 by Kompozitor
Transcription of Op 37 no 1 for cello and piano
by Eugene Osadchye, unpublished

Osadchy vc/Markin 2010 CD Bolo Classique 8010