Two Fairy Tales, Op 8

Date: 1904-5
For: Piano
Published by: Jurgenson 1906
Availability: Dover (1959/2001);
Simrock (1925/1995), from Boosey & Hawkes


D Graham 1978 LP Musical Heritage Society MHS3976
Milne 1988 CD Brilliant Classics 9195 7cds, 8851 7cds, CRD (vol.3) CRD3460
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no. 1
Medtner 1931 CD Appian (vol.1) APR5546, St-Laurent (vol.5) YSL 78-023, Melodiya MELCD 10-02200
Shatskes 1958 LP Melodiya D 10063/4 All-Union, Russian Disc R10 00783
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Kafarova 2003 CD Nova Classical 7X4979 download Indie Pool
Safonova c.2021 CD Etcetera KTCKTC1744

no. 2
Milne 1989/Husum* CD Danacord DACOCD349
McLean 2000/Hamamatsu* CD Master Musicians ESCD014, Stone Records 5060192781014
Vlaeva 2007 CD Music & Arts MACD1224

Medtner made an unpublished recording of Op 8 no 1 for Columbia in 1930.

The Simrock Edition is based on the 1925 Benjamin Edition, edited by Martin Frey. Whether Frey did any editing is doubtful; his name is more likely to have been added in an attempt to secure copyright in the USA, as with numerous Russian works republished by Édition Russe de Musique in the early 1920s claiming to be edited by F. H. Schneider. The Dover Edition reproduces the 1959 Collected Edition.

These versions differ considerably from the original 1906 edition. It seems Medtner revised the score for the 1925 edition as most of the changes appear in the 1959 edition, which was produced under Anna's guidance with the aid of Medtner's annotated copies. In Op 8 no 1 the differences are mainly confined to additional expressive markings, articulation and pedalling. In Op 8 no 2 there are also changes to the notes, commencing with the opening chords. The later versions are preferable.

Differences between the 1959 and 1925 editions are confined mainly to expressive markings and a few discrepancies in pedalling (in the Simrock Edition the numerous short pedalling marks may be editorial). For Op 8 no 2 the significant differences between the three editions are as follows. In a few places, users of the 1959 edition may prefer the 1925 version.

Op 8 no 2